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EVE Online: How to get to Brave as a new member

This guide is not up to date. Please check the Brave Wiki!

A) For characters less than 1 month old:
Brave currently lives in Null Sec. While in High- and Low Sec you have some protection, in Null everyone who is not blue to you (people in your corporation, alliance and their alliance) can shoot you freely (and many will do so). This also means that Brave members will shoot you if you didn't join the corporation before entering our space.
  1. Go to the next station with a Clone Bay when you are ready to accept your invite.
    You can locate it by using the Star Map. On the World Map Control Panel go to: Star Map -> Stars -> Services, then select Clone bay.
  2. Once you are docked, accept the invite and change your clone location. Also get on our comms, forums, etc. as soon as you accept the invite. (Core, Mumble, Jabber)
    IMPORTANT: Once you accept the invite, you won't be safe in High Sec, so be in a cheap ship!

    The Clone Bay is accessed via the Station Services (the Icon that looks lice the top half of a coffin). There click on "Change Station", then select HED-GP III - More bubbles please.
  3. After that, feel free to either try to make your way to our HQ (read the travel advice below) or find an amusing way to die (or self destruct in your pod if you want to be quick but boring).
    If you want to travel to HED, use the Clone Bay in Agil. The system is often camped, so create an Insta-undock before docking and joining Brave.

B) For characters more than 1 month old:

For older players, there are certain restrictions to remotely changing the location of your clone: You can only do it once every 365 days. If you want (and haven't already used that remote change during the last year), you can just follow the instructions above.
Otherwise, you have to manually travel to Brave space (go to Parses, if you want to set up our comms and services before entering Null while being safely docked, otherwise accept in Keberz (last system before entering Null)).

Travel Advice

  • If you can, do the journey in a travel fit Interceptor, a travel fitted T3 cruiser or a ship with a covops cloak.
  • If you can't fly any of those, fit a T1 frigate with Inertia Stabilizers, Low friction nozzles, a 1MN Microwarpdrive and a cloak (the cloak is optional but recommended).
    Good ships for that are the Atron, the Slasher, the Executioner and the Condor.
  • Read this, if you don't know the MWD-Trick
  • Do not warp from gate to gate once you are in Null.
    Warp to a planet or an asteroid belt at range, D-Scan the gate you want to use, only continue after you know it isn't camped!
  • Warp to corporation Bookmarks at range!  Other alliances know them, so don't feed them easy kills.
  • Join or Intel Channel, camps in our space will  be reported there
  • The HED side of the Keberz-HED gate is often camped by hostiles, so be careful when jumping through
  • Brave has a station in HED-GP, if you can't remote change your clone location, you can dock there and put your clone in it, that way you will respawn in our own space.
  • there is a jumpbridge in WD-VTV HED-GP, it leads to GE, so you can use it to shorten your way a fair bit and bypass any camps in the pipe to GE! The SV5 gate tends to be camped however, so please be carefull.
    You can find it in the Corporation Bookmarks. Once you are in the system, right click in space, they are listed in the menu that will pop up.
  •  to be continued

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